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The Hiveshare Program, explained



The Hiveshare program was created for people to enjoy unique, local, unpasteurized, artisanal honey from the nectar of the vast variety of plant life in the gardens, fields and wildflowers found here in our area. Becoming a member is easy and anyone can participate.

You choose a quarter, half or whole hive and the share of the honey produced by that colony is delivered to your door shortly after it is harvested and extracted.


Each year you can increase or decrease your share of honey for the following year. You can join anytime throughout the year. 


All equipment is new and must be built and painted, so the initial cost is higher. In the second year and thereafter the cost of local, unpasteurized, artisan honey is significantly cheaper. You can trade up or down in each year. 


Typically a full hive will produce 51 - 57 pounds of honey per year.

Beekeeper Holding a Honeycomb
Beekeeper with Bees


​Full Hive

First Year: $700

Following Years : $350

​Half Hive

First Year: $350

Following Years : $200

​Quarter Hive

First Year: $250

Following Years : $100


You are purchasing the honey, not the hives. Comb may be available in some years, weather dependant. Beeswax will be limited to people who are interested. Payment is up front and a contract will be e-mailed to you.


Occasional e-mail updates will be sent so you can see how your hive is doing over the year.  

You are  welcome to join us on the days I inspect the hives. I have extra bee suits. Just let us know!

Swarm of Bees
Beekeeper with Honeycomb
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